Simple Human ST1015 Sensor Pump Review

Simple Human ST1015 Soap Dispenser
We first saw the range of Simple Human products at The Gadget Show Live exhibition and their automated soap dispenser caught our eye.

In The Box

In the box, you get the soap dispenser and a sample packet (200ml) of Lavender scented liquid soap, which is claimed to be the optimum consistency for the device. There are no batteries included. The dispenser is available in a variety of colours but we went for the 'brushed nickel' finish.

First Impressions

Simple Human ST1015 Soap Dispenser
The first thing that we thought on opening the box, it that it is quite a bit bigger than we expected, being 20½cm tall (7cm wide and 15cm deep).

The dispenser feels well made and is solid and quite heavy. It comes with a 2-year warranty. The clear soap chamber shows the soap level at a glance and it can hold up to 384ml of liquid soap. We also really like the easy access 'volume control' butt tons, which allow you to adjust how much soap is dispensed.

In Use

battery cap
Batteries are installed into the base (not supplied), via a hole with a twist cap. It's nice to see that this has an O-ring seal to keep moisture out. The batteries are claimed to last about one year and we will be monitoring this in the coming months and years. The tiny LED on the top of the spout will turn red when the battery is low. The pump can be turned off by pressing and holding the '-' button and turned back on again by pressing the '+' button.

fill hole
Once batteries are installed and the soap is emptied into the tank, via a push in lid. The manual suggests priming the pump by pressing the '+' button until soap comes out. We found that we didn't need to do this and soap came out the first time we placed our hands under the spout.

non-drip nozzle
The main claims of the sensor pump are that it provides a 'touch-free automatic and hygienic dispensing operation' and it really does work well. The pump makes a brief noise as it dispenses the soap in 'less than 0.2 seconds'. The silicon nozzle also prevents drips.

On the top of the nozzle is a tiny LED. This flashes green briefly when soap is dispensed and when the '+' or '-' buttons are pushed. There is no obvious way to know if you have reached the minimum or maximum settings though and no indication in the instructions as to how many different values are possible.

The sensor is hidden on the underside of the nozzle and this seems to avoid the false triggering that we have seen with some other brands of automated soap pumps.

Liquid Soap Refills

The Soap Pump will work with any liquid soap but, Simple Human also sell soap refill packs in a variety of scents and anti-bacterial and neutral soaps too. These are claimed to have the 'optimum consistency' for the Sensor Pump. They do not appear to be for sale on any other website.

Whilst the Simple Human liquid soap refill packs are not cheap, they are also not outrageously expensive when compared to many premium brands. A 1 litre refill pack costs £6.99 (plus P&P), though you can save 12% if you buy 6 pouches (which works out at £6.16 per litre). When compared to our favourite LOccitane liquid soap (which costs £12.00 per 500ml), it looks very reasonable!

It's a shame Simple Human don't include some samples of their soap range with the device, or even allow you to purchase a sample of their soaps. It would be nice to know what they are like before committing to buy a 1 litre pack.


We are really pleased with this soap dispenser. Whilst it seems a bit of a gimmick, it does make things easier and more hygienic. The dispenser is also a very efficient way to use soap, saving money in the long run.

One potential issue that we have identified so far is down to our choice of 'brushed nickel' finish. Splashes of water on the dispenser leave watermarks, so it is advisable to place the dispenser to the side of your sink or above it if possible.

Simple Human also produce a smaller and cheaper version, called the 'Compact Sensor Soap Pump' and we are going to also try this one in one of our other bathrooms.


13th March 2013

We have had our first pump in operation in the toilet in our entrance hall for a while now. We have been very impressed with the way it works and how good it is at making the soap last. On this pump we have the amount of soap dispensed set to the minimum amount but, this is just right in our view. We have so far used less than half the 200ml 'Lavender' sample provided.

18th March 2013

5l liquid soap
Because we like the device so much, we have purchased another one, to go in our kitchen. This will be a good test to see how the sensor pump stands up to this high volume use. We also plan to test this new sensor pump with some 3rd party soap. The main reason for doing this is that the anti-bacterial soap we want to use is blue in colour and has a nice scent to it. The range of soaps available from SimpleHuman is quite limited. Buying 5 litre containers of liquid soap is also much more cost effective. These soap pumps are so efficient, we think this 5 litre container will last for many years.

February 2014

We have now have one of these soap pumps next to every sink in our home. They make life much easier and are very efficient at using soap. The 5 litre container we bought is still over half full.

December 2014

We have now used up our first 5 litre container of soap and have bought another one. We replaced the batteries in the kitchen soap pump this month too. This one gets the most use but battery life is very good.

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