Smart Home Projects

We have started tidying up and deleteing some of the older projects here, where they have been superceded or replaced by more up-to-date technology or solutions.


Near Field Communication (NFC)
Adding generic NFC capability to our smart home.

Face Recognition
Face recognition as a generic capability to our smart home and all of its cameras.

Smart Home Keypad
A generic keypad module to be used at several locations in our smart home.


Voice Control Devices
Some hardware and software interfaces to expose our smart home AI.

Smart Home Dashboard
A refresh of our smart home dashboard to provide real-time snapshots views of all its elements.

Automated Curtains
Our own solution to automating existing curtains in our home.


MQ-7 CO Sensor
Connecting carbon monoxide (CO) sensors to our smart home to improve safety.

433MHz Sensors
Adding the capability to receive and decode 433MHz sensor data to our home automation system, with an initial focus on monitoring indoor plants.

Adafruit Huzzah ESP8266
Project to evaluate the Adafruit Huzzah ESP8266 for IoT and smart home applications.

Amazon Echo
Our project to integrate an Amazon Echo into our smart home.

Smart Lock
Our take on an integrated smart home door lock.


Project to expose out smart home as IoT data via the Thingspeak service.

32-Channel Digital Input Ethernet Board
32-channel digital input board based around Arduino UNO and Ethernet shield, to connect 32 digital devices to our smart home.

Generic High Power 8-Channel Digital Output Board
A generic 8-channel smart home high-power output board for numerous smart home applications and home automation.

Smart Home Connected Shed
Extending our smart home out into our garden with a Raspberry Pi slave processor in our shed.

Networked Thermometer / Thermostat
A project to build our perfect smart home networked thermometer and thermostat.

Arduino Uno
Project to assess the capabilities of this low-cost, compact processor in the smart home.

Lightning Detector
Detecting approaching lightning strikes.

Smart Home Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm
Interfacing a standard 'dumb' CO alarms to our smart home to make them smart.

Smart Home Artificial Intelligence
An AI agent that enables us to query and control everything in our smart home via text and voice interaction.

Raspberry Pi B+ Header Board
A generic hardware interface board to make it easier to connect things to the Raspberry Pi B+.


Moisture & Flood Sensor
Project to design and build a moisture sensor that can be used in a range of applications, such as a flood sensor.

Water Pressure & Level Monitoring
Analogue sensor to measure mains water pressure and water levels in tanks using pressure sensor.

Smart Home Smoke Sensor
Connecting off-the-shelf, low-cost smoke sensors to our Home Control System (HCS) to make them really smart.

Our Smart Home On Twitter
An automated Twitter account for our smart home driven by real-time events and scheduled updates.

IR Beam Break Sensor
A generic 12V-powered, long-range, IR beam break sensor for various applications in our smart home.

32-channel Digital I/O
A project to add another 32 to 128 digital I/O channels to our smart home.

Networked Letter Box
A project to network our letter box whilst reviewing the Fibaro FGK-101 door contact sensor.

Heating and Hot Water Automation
A project to upgrade our existing home heating and hot water system.

Air Quality Monitoring
Monitoring the air quality both inside and outside our smart home.

Smart Home Weather Station
A remote, networked weather station provides essential smart home data.

Apple iBeacon
Investigating smart home applications for the Apple iBeacon technology.

Intelligent Smart Home Assistant
Provide a Siri like intelligent smart home assistant for our smart home.

Smart Conservatory
Using a Raspberry Pi as a slave home automation control to make our conservatory smart.

Smart Home Climate Control
Implementing and testing out some of our ideas on intelligent climate control down to zone level.

Smart Home Query Interface
Making our smart home part of the Internet of Things.

12V Lighting Controller
A generic controller to automate 12V lighting.

Raspberry Pi Header Board
A generic hardware interface board to make it easier to connect things to the Raspberry Pi.

Resilient Smart Home Control
Porting our home control system to a Raspberry Pi, to provide a cold-standby in case of a main processor failure.


iPhone Web App
Addition of an iPhone web app to control our home.

'All-In-One' travel charger and power adapter
Replace 90% of the travel plugs, adapters, leads and chargers with a single travel charger that works with all our devices.

Home Automation Signal Distribution
Distribution of home automation control signals and power feeds around our home.

Patio Wi-Fi & Entertainment
Extend networking and Wi-Fi coverage across garden and to provide streamed entertainment on our patio.

Raspberry Pi Dashcam
Dashcam with 1080p video recording, event detection and parking mode.

Voice Controlled Home Automation
Technologies and services to simplify smart home control using voice recognition.

HCS Rebuild
Rebuild of our Home Control System (HCS) following a hard disk failure.

An evaluation of the WebSocket specification and its applications in the Smart Home.

Raspberry Pi I²C
Extending our set of features on the Raspberry Pi and its possible uses in the Smart Home, this project investigates the I²C interface.

Optically Isolated Input Board
An update of our previous homemade design, we are now designing a circuit board and getting it professionally fabricated.

Lighting Timer
A home automation project to design and build a powerful and flexible convenience lighting delay timer in hardware.

Entrance hall lighting
A project to automate and improve the efficiency and usefulness of our hall lighting.

A software project to model intelligent and learning device controllers as part of our Home Control System (HCS).

Occupancy & Presence
A home automation project to model the presence of people in our home in software, so that we can determine if anyone is at home and adapt our Smart Home behaviour accordingly.

Personalised TV Recommendations
An entertainment project to deliver personalised TV programme recommendations to all family members each day.

Networked front door lock
A home automation project to implement remote electronic locking and security on our front door.

A project using XMPP clients to as an interface to our Home Control System (HCS).


Networked Doors
Project to network the last few doors in our house using Z-Wave technology embedded inside the doors.

Airing Cupboard & Hot Water Tank
Testing out a the Fibaro Universal Z-Wave sensor as a way to monitor hot water tank temperatures in order to intelligently control the hot water heating.

Raspberry Pi network security monitor
We are using the Raspberry Pi and some Java code to monitor devices connecting and disconnecting to our home network.

Raspberry Pi Bluetooth
Can we detect the presence of devices (and thus people) in our home using a Bluetooth dongle on the Raspberry Pi?

Smart Front Door
Our project to build a 'smart' front door based around a Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi
Evaluation of this device to deliver home automation and home entertainment services.

Text interface to our HCS
Artificial intelligence (AI) style, generic text interface to our Home Control System (HCS) to support various transport methods including SMS, web interface and Apple iMessage.

XML Configured Home Automation
Migrating our Home Control System (HCS) to a fully XML driven, generic event engine.

Kitchen Convenience Lighting
Adding PIR sensor and door contact sensor driven convenience lighting into our kitchen.

Networked Smoke Alarm
Evaluation of a 12V smoke alarm connected to our Home Control System (HCS).

Data Visualisation
Identify the best and most useful way to visualise the data collected each day by our Home Control System (HCS).

Home Automation using Z-Wave technology
Integration of a Z-Wave controller, sensors and other modules to assess the capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of this wireless mesh networking standard.


Teenage daughter's bedroom revamp
Updating our daughter's bedroom to add some style, more storage and technology.

Ethernet IO capability
Integration of an Ethernet I/O board, to provide digital output and control capability.

Solar USB Charger
High power solar panel with 5Vdc regulated output via a USB type-A port for charging iPhones, iPads, etc.

Greywater recycling
Trying out some of our greywater recycling ideas in our current home, to see how well they work.

Cloud storage
Investigation and experiments to see how cloud storage can be of benefit to home automation.

19" rack installation
Migration of our home automation kit into a half-height 19" rack cabinet.

PIR sensors
Not really a new project but, we finally got round to writing this up. We have wired PIR sensors in every room in our house for reliable and secure occupancy and intrusion detection.

1-Wire temperature sensors
Project to try and install 1-Wire temperature sensors in every room in our current house.


LED cycle lights
Build of LED cycle lights, using hub dynamo to power them and to also provide USB charging for Smartphones on a bespoke mount.

12V battery monitor
Monitors home power system battery status and distribution of power.

Wireless door contact sensor
You would think it would be easy to find something to meet these simple requirements!

Computer controlled irrigation system
Garden and indoor irrigation system using harvested rain water.

Optical-isolated input board
Generic input board for use on our Home Control System (HCS).

USB I/O board
To add USB connected IO capability to our Home Control System (HCS).

12V safety lighting
Safety lighting in our home.

12V emergency lighting
Emergency lighting for power cuts, fires, etc.

2-way SMS gateway
EDGE USB modem to send and receive SMS messages.

UPS protected network switch
Essential elements of our home IP network are kept running during power cuts.

Mains power failure detection
Enable our Home Control System (HCS) to detect when the mains power fails.

12V DC Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Maintain 12V DC power to our Home Control System (HCS) when the mains power fails.

Twilight sensor
Enable our Home Control System (HCS) to detect dawn and dusk.


Christmas lights
Real twinkling, external Christmas lights that require very little power.

1-Wire Input Board
Design and build for an 8-input circuit board using the Dallas 1-Wire networking technology and DS2405 devices.

X10 ambient email
Using X10 appliance module to switch an ambient device for new email notification.

X10 appliance control
Second X10 experiment to test out X10 appliance control.

X10 hall light
Experiment to test out X10 capabilities by solving an initial automation challenge in our current home.

Router status monitoring
Monitors router status, connection speeds and devices connecting over Wi-Fi.

Bicycle USB charger
Dynamo powered USB port charger for iPhones, etc. whilst on your bicycle.

Home Control System (HCS) email notification
Email notifications and scheduled reports.

Network connection monitoring
Monitors network connection and tests performance.
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