Hozelock 7819 3.5bar Water Pump Review

Hozelock 7819 3.5bar water pump
Having tried various low-voltage pumps to distribute greywater and harvested rain water in our garden, we finally decided to opt for a more powerful, mains-powered (500W) Hozelock 7819 pump to speed up our water distribution.

With this pump you can legally water your plants even during hosepipe bans, by using stored water, rain water or greywater. It provides a high pressure out, higher than normal mains water pressure in fact. This means it could be used to power two watering accessories or hoses at the same time. It is also suitable for supplying drip and micro-irrigation systems.

Specification & Features

  • 3000 litres per hour. This means it will empty water butts and distribute the water quickly and our experiences support this.
  • Max pressure: 3.5 bar
  • Max recommended hose length: 40m
  • 500w motor, 220Vac.
  • Self-priming.
  • Handles solids up to 3mm.
  • Coarse and fine filters.

The pump chamber is made from high grade stainless steel and is supplied with a cable with fitted plug. Two filters are used, a coarse filter on the suction hose and a fine filter on the pump to stop sand and grit entering the pump. The pump comes with a set of spare seals, and full clear instructions. The pump has high pressure/low flow capability and can be used with garden hose and to power all irrigation products.

In The Box

In the box you get:

  • The pump itself.
  • Filter module, which screws on to the pump.
  • 3.5m suction hose. You can either fit this directly to the pump, or into the filter which screws on the end of the pump.
  • Attached 1.6m cable and plug
  • Spares Kit (O-rings, etc.).

The 'spares' kit includes tools, o-ring, washers and the manual.

In Use

Filter attached
Fixing the filter to the pump is a quick and painless process. If you really get stuck Hozelock provide a 'construction' video on YouTube. It does need to be done up very tight to ensure the correct orientation.

Filter hose attached
The filter hose ideally needs to be stored in a straight position for a while, because out of the box it is a bit too reluctant to uncoil and use. The coarse filter has a one-way valve built into it, to stop water syphoning back out of a water butt or tank.


This is an impressive pump. It is well designed and well made and this is backed up with a 2-year guarantee. It can move water around very quickly, whether it be between tanks or pumping harvested rain water or greywater out onto the garden. We really like the fact that it is also quiet in operation. It is going to make water recycling a much more efficient activity in our current home.


May 2014

1-inch connector
There are 2 of these 1-inch connectors used with this pump. One sits between the pump body and the inlet filter. It is very easy to break them if any kind of force is put on the filter. I've broken both now and had to use Araldite glue to fix them. I'm looking for a brass equivalent piece.

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