Logitech Harmony PS3 Adapter Review

We ordered this adapter for our Sony PS3 at the same time as we upgraded our remote to the Logitech Harmony One. The main reason for doing this is that our Sony PS3 is the sole device in our lounge for watching Blu-ray films on but, the only way we could control it without this device is by using the Sony PS3 wireless controller. It is not intuitive and also very awkward to control certain functions. Simple things like pausing the movie require you to know the right button to press.

In The Box

Logitech Harmony PS3 adaptor
The first thing that strikes you when you open the box, is the size of the adapter. We were expecting something much bigger and the pictures we had seen on the web didn't convey just how small it is. It is only 98mm wide, 60mm deep and 18mm high.

In the box, you also get a plug-in PSU with both UK and European plug adapters. This is rated at 5Vdc 1A. It's a shame that this requires yet another power socket under out TV as we already have two 6-way, switched distribution boards for all the equipment! We will see if we can use a common 5Vdc power supply across a number of devices. We use these switched distrubution boards to turn of the power to games consoles and other devices when not in use, so we are now going to have to use a 2-way plug to enable this to be switched on/off with the Sony PS3.


Connecting the adapter to the Sony PS3 is simply a matter of following the simple instructions in the supplied manual and pairing the devices over Bluetooth. This is a 30 second process and simple to do. Once done, it stays connected and remains so.


To get the level of control we required, we found we have to leave the device powered on. This is not such a big issue as it uses tiny amount of power.

This device does not work with a Nintendo Wii.


We are really pleased with this device. It allows the Sony PS3 to be fully used as part of the home entertainments in our lounge and controlled seamlessly through our home cinema amplifier, using our Logitech Harmony One universal remote. It has therefore greatly simplified the whole experience of watching Blu-ray discs and accessing the catch-up TV apps on the Sony PS3.

It is not perfect and is not a full replacement for the Sony PS3 controller when it comes to gaming and accessing the more advanced Sony PS3 features though.

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