Water Heating

Although we are planning to generate excess electricity, which could be used to heat water, photovoltaic cells are not particularly efficient way of capturing the suns energy and are typically only about 17% efficient. For this reason, we are planning to use solar panels with evacuated glass tubes to provide the main source of the heat input into the hot water tanks. This will be augmented with other heat sources, an electrical element being one of them.

The other area where large energy savings can be made is through intelligent control and our Home Control System (HCS) will be used to achieve this.

There are sometimes where manual control is required. Typically, this is due to unplanned events such as large numbers of visitors. Modern hot water controllers have a '+1hr' button that heats the water for a a further hour. We plan to support these type of manual controls but, using sensors and intelligence to make this more efficient.

Our Home Control System (HCS) user interface will support a 'boost' button that heats the water until the tank is back up to temperature and then reverts to normal operation.

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