Networks & Communications

No firm plans in this space yet, other than to not have a PSTN line installed and to have the Internet connection over Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) and a wireless LTE/3G connection as a fail-over, load-balancing or back up. Most of the comms in our household are already over the Internet and mobile networks. Skype is used a lot but we also have dual-purpose PSTN and SIP handsets, with two geographic phone numbers.

Within our home we will be using wired Ethernet connections extensively and current plans are to use Cat6 cable and cheaper, Cat5e connections and faceplates. There is no reason to use 10Gbit networking technology yet.

A key thing to plan into any new house build is the ducting for the comms cables/fibres from the street up to the house and into the desired room within the house. We are planing a seperate comms 'room' but this doesn't have to be a large space.

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