HCS User Interface

What is the best way to expose the Home Control System (HCS) so that all of the family can easily understand and access its features? This is an ongoing series of projects and we don't believe there is one simple solution.


Switches, buttons and indicators.

Web Apps

We have a web interface that we have developed but, it is used mainly for testing and visual analysis of collected data.

Native Smartphone & Tablet Apps


3rd Party Smartphone & Tablet Apps


We use the Dropbox cloud storage service to store and distribute home automation data. This currently includes the Home Control System (HCS) logs and media captured by our cameras. The Dropbox service and apps provide an easy way to access this data from many locations, by many people and on many devices.


The Mi Casa Verde official app is VeraMobile. It's OK but, far from ideal. We do use it a lot for testing and debugging though. The biggest problem for us is that it only provides access to the Z-Wave elements of our Home Control System (HCS).

Natural language interfaces




WebSocket project

Speech Interfaces

Speech project

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