Bathroom Plans

These are our current plans and thinking on our ideal/perfect bathroom and ensuite bathrooms.


We plan to use quality tiled flooring in all our bathrooms.


The exact layout is dependent on other aspects of the house design and is not finalised yet.


We think it is important to have some storage in a bathroom, without cluttering the space with cabinets.


Every door in our house will have a hidden, wired contact sensor which is used as an input to intelligent automation and control. Each bathroom will also have a PIR occupancy sensor, which will be very subtle or totally hidden from view. These will allow complete lighting automation.


All bathrooms will have external windows with privacy glass. In addition we plan to fit electrically activated smart glass instead of curtains or blinds, to provide even further privacy.


We plan to fit at least one temperature sensor in every room in our new house and use these to drive room specific heating, to provide fully independent temperature control in each room. For the bathrooms in our house we plan to use tiled floors with under floor heating as the main heating source.




Our experiments and projects with Z-Wave have shown that good ventilation is a key element of a bathroom feeling warm and dry. A critical part of doing this efficiently is to have a wall mounted humidity sensor that controls the ventilation fan. Ideally, we would be looking for a low voltage (12Vdc)

Vent Axia ACM100 in-line fan
We plan to use a UK mains powered ventilation fan and control them using solid state relays and wired control links. The fan will be an in-line type hidden in the roof space to minimise noise and the extractor vent will be over the shower.


All of the lighting in our bathrooms will be 12Vdc, low-voltage lighting and the majority will be using MR16 LED bulbs.

The main lighting will be convenience lighting controlled automatically based on detected occupancy and presence.

There will also be safety lighting.

There will also be emergency lighting.


We plan to standardise on MK Logic Plus Grid switches throughout our new home and these will be used to switch and control using low voltages (12Vdc) safely in our bathrooms.


Bose 131 speakers
In some of the bathrooms we plan to have moisture-proof speakers for audio playback and we will use wireless IP connectivity to a networked amplifier to achieve this. The amplifier power control will be intelligent and Apple's AirPlay is our preferred control protocol.

The main bathrooms will also feature wall-mounted moisture resistant enclosures with an OLED TV inside, visible at the foot of the bath. Again, these will be IP networked and use wireless IP controls.


All mirrors will have mains powered 'demista' panels fixed to the rear of them to avoid them steaming up. Given the planned ventilation system this may be overkill but, these devices have worked well in our current home and ensure a clear mirror.

Towel Rail

Each bathroom will have an intelligently controlled, electrically heated towel rail, to provide independent control from the room heating system. This will ensure towels are heated and dried in the summer months and the intelligence will ensure efficient use of power. The logic and intelligence behind these is the subject of a project using Z-Wave technology in our current home but, we will be using wired control in our new home.




Contemporary freestanding bath
We plan to use contemporary, free-standing baths and all of them will feature wall-mounted mixer taps and hand-held shower heads. Some of the main baths will also feature in-built whirlpool/spa functionality.

We are currently investigating temperature controlled taps, to enable baths to be filled at a set temperature.


All sinks will feature wall-mounted mixer taps to ensure easy access. All will have mirrors overhead and local lighting. A shaver socket will also be local to the sinks.





Toilet Roll Holder




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