The are currently opportunities available to advertise on this web site. We can provide an advert on every page of this site for as little a £30. It represents an extremely effective way to reach a large number of people and also a highly targeted audience. If you are interested in advertising on this site, please contact us. The prices represent extremely good value for money in terms of presentations and potential click-through rates.

The site currently has high traffic volumes and the visitor numbers are growing fast. Our historical statistics are based on independent traffic reports on request (from Google Analytics).

Because we deliver these adverts directly from our server, they are not subject to the ad-blockers that many people use to block adverts delivered by Google, etc.

Primary Placement

The primary advertising slot is within the right-hand column of this website and this is typically 180 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall. To get an advert like this placed on our website currently costs just £30 for 7 days (00:00 Sunday to 00:00 Sunday GMT). We are happy to accommodate taller adverts at no extra cost, up to 320 pixels tall.

Other Placements

We offere a range of other advertising formats and styles. Please contact us if you are interested.

Adverts can be animated and placed in specific sections or on specific pages of this site, to address a specific audience or interest group. Placement can be on specific pages, sections (e.g. design) or categories (e.g. lighting) and all pages are tagged to support this level of targeted presentation. Every page on this website has been categorised and tagged to enable very targeted presentations.

Advert Formats

Our website currently supports the following size adverts and advertising locations:

728 x 90 - Leaderboard banner ad

This is the largest advert and one is featured in the header and/or footer of each page.

468 x 60 Full horizontal banner

This the standard header or footer advert and two are displayed side by side.

180 x 150 Rectangle

One or more adverts can be placed to the right of each main page frame.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising and new mobile ad formats will be available on this site from February 2013.


Please contact us to discuss pricing and for traffic volume reports.

Search Engine Optimisation

We are currently working on improving our rankings on the main search engines and do very well in the area of smart home and home automation. We have a very active social media campaign on Google, Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.

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